Update from the National Champion

Will Rhoads, USA Ski Jumping’s Large Hill and Normal Hill National Champion, provides an update for the community.¬†   The second half of the summer season is always interesting as winter nears, the competition and training levels go… Read More

TSCAUGGUNS NC Summer Grand Prix

Another solid day for USA Nordic Combined with Bryan and Taylor Fletcher leading USA in the Tschaugguns Grand Prix with the 9th and 2nd fastest times. Michael Ward and Adam Loomis (pictured) also qualified in the ski jumping… Read More

FIRST Grand Prix points for BICKNER

Today in Hakuba, Japan, Kevin Bickner was able to jump into the top 30 of a World Cup event for the first time in his young career. ¬†This is a big step for all ski jumping athletes, and… Read More


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