TSCAUGGUNS NC Summer Grand Prix

Another solid day for USA Nordic Combined with Bryan and Taylor Fletcher leading USA in the Tschaugguns Grand Prix with the 9th and 2nd fastest times. Michael Ward and Adam Loomis (pictured) also qualified in the ski jumping… Read More

NORDIC COMBINED, GP- 4 in top 30!

Solid Day for USA NoCo – 4 in the top 30 at the Grand Prix in Oberwiesenthal, Germany. Taylor Fletcher lead the way finishing in 12th, Bryan in 20th, Adam in 28th and Michael Ward in 29th. Way… Read More


Springer Tournee #17 is a wrap and another great week of training and competition for all ages this year in Park City, UT. Congratulations to all of the Springer Tournee winners and our national champions, Will Rhoads and Bryan Fletcher!


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