Story Project 2017- A reflection on a century of Ski Jumping and fueling our team into 2018!

For 6 years and 186 stories we have opened our inboxes everyday in December to reflect on what Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined have meant to all of us. We share our stories and live vicariously through one another, celebrating the thrill of flight. We reconnect with friends, coaches and teammates and meet our next generation of high flying athletes.

We Remember: Gene Kotlarek, American Hero, Olympic Ski Jumper

For me Story Project is the most powerful program we here at USANS conduct, engaging our community to remember our past and dream about our future. Over the past few years this has also been an incredible opportunity for our us to give to help the current and next generation and this year was no exception! Nearly 150 individuals generously donated over $96,000 to fuel the journey of USANS and our amazing athletes. 

Sophia Schreiner shares her love for the thrill of flight!

As I write this I can’t help but think of where we would be without the soul of Story Project, Jeff Hastings. There are few people with the talent, drive and ingenuity of Jeff and for him we have so much to be thankful for in helping us all find our way back together. As we wrap up this years Story Project and refocus our gaze toward the upcoming games I would like for everyone reading this to take a moment and Thank Jeff Hastings! His email is and flooding his inbox would be the best way for this community to remind him of our love and thanks!

Ribs we will never see again.  Other guys kicked sand in our faces at  “Skinny Beach” .  
Hastings, Konopacke, McGrane, and Holland, 1983, Lahti, FIN. (Mike Holland Story Project, Dec 9, 2012)

Don’t forget, Story Project is not only a celebration of flight but it is a labor of love! Send USANS and Jeff Hastings your story with a picture or two NOW! so that we can make next year even better!

Lastly, a year ago I shared that my son Liam had taken his first jump (albeit on downhill skis) and last week on that anniversary he started his first day on the long boards! It is for love of the sport and the people who cherish it that we do all this. Thanks again for all of your stories, your love and your generosity.

Happy 2018,

Billy Demong



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