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We have many talented, dedicated athletes in our sport, but it is a major objective of US Nordic to continually grow Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined from the bottom up. This means recruiting more athletes and introducing the sports to more youth, particularly youth who have never been exposed to Ski Jumping or Nordic Combined.

The major recruiting effort is directed at elementary schools, where it’s possible to reach 1st – 6th grade students in a Physical Education setting. Below is a guide with step by step instructions for carrying out our recruitment program.

Recruiting overview: 

When interacting with schools, describe this as a “Ski Jumping Education Program.” It is best to carry this out just before a large competition or before opportunities to enroll in a Ski Jumping Program. Youth need immediate gratification when they’re excited to try a new sport. If a competition is being help or a camp/program is beginning, you have the ability to say to kids “Come on out tomorrow/next week” (or whenever it may be).

  1. Contact the head Physical Education teacher and describe the opportunity to run a very fun and educational program in their PE classes. Explain that you realize this is short notice and that they surely have lessons planned for the entire year. Although, you were just presented with this opportunity – that you are immediately forwarding to them. Download the “PE.Recruiting.Program” and email it to the PE teacher.
  2. Ask if they have any of the equipment in the attached Program.
  3. Quickly order any equipment that they don’t have. The Woggler, for example, could be ordered if desired.
  4. Recruit an athlete and or coach from your local club to help with the recruitment.
  5. Edit/Create a Flyer (link for generic flyer below) with any opportunities available for students. Save it as a PDF and email it to the PE teacher to forward to school administration for approval (explain that you are a non-profit organization). Ask if the school will give one to each student to take home. If yes, print one for each student and give to school administration to distribute.


For a Word Document of the Program Please contact Jed Hinkley,

The materials here have been adapted from a program designed by Mike Holland two-time Olympian and former world distance record holder. Thank you Mike!


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