Five Women Named to First-Ever USA Nordic Sport Women’s Ski Jumping Team

USA Nordic Sport Women’s Ski Jumping National Team athlete Sarah Hendrickson. (Photo Credit – Ben Pieper)

USA Nordic Sport has officially announced the members of the first ever USA Nordic Sport Women’s Ski Jumping National Team. After coming to an agreement with Women’s Ski Jumping USA (WSJ USA) to take over day to day operations earlier this month, USA Nordic is proud and excited to name five women to the inaugural team.

Nita Englund, Tara Geraghty-Moats, Sarah Hendrickson, and Abby Ringquist have all been named to the “A” team based on results accumulated over the past year that meet the criteria established by USA Nordic. Additionally, Nina Lussi has been named to the “C” team following her winning performance at the US National Championships in Lake Placid, New York earlier this month.

Billy Demong, Executive Director of USA Nordic, shared, “We are really excited to matrix in the women’s team after a really successful summer of working together more, as Igor Cuznar (Women’s World Cup coach) scheduled team activities, together with Men’s coach Bine Norcic.  Additionally, Alan Alborn and Clint Jones have worked together for years as athletes and coaches, and moving forward they will be able to support each other and work together to ensure that all of our athletes are getting the best support and opportunities USA Nordic can offer.”

While the addition of the women’s team is a huge change for the organization, USA Nordic and a large segment of the Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined community have felt for some time it is in the best interest of both men and women to work together. This change will be beneficial to both female and male athletes, who shouldn’t notice any changes or disruption in their day to day training or preparation and was supported by the athletes themselves.

“I’m very excited to work with the men as I look up to them as athletes, idols and good people,” said National Team member Sarah Hendrickson. “The future is bright for both the men’s and women’s team in Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined and there is not better way to capture that momentum than working as one team.”

“I’m really looking forward to being one team this winter,” added team member Tara Geraghty-Moats. “In my experience, more ski jumpers working together leads to more fun and better results.”

With it’s continued focus on development and growth of the Nordic sports as well as a continued focus on equity in sport, USA Nordic will also be naming a women’s Junior National team. The junior team will provide a necessary stepping stone for women in Ski Jumping to take their personal ability and their sport to the next level. This change will also allow USA Nordic to better support and coordinate efforts to grow the emerging sport of Women’s Nordic Combined both at a junior and senior level.

4 Comments on “Five Women Named to First-Ever USA Nordic Sport Women’s Ski Jumping Team


  2. Billy and team USA Nordic,
    I applaud the leadership, collaboration and resulting decision to merge wsjusa into USA Nordic. Well done.

    I’m interested in the specific goals of the organization.
    Specifically, we need the right fundraising expertise to help the best athletes graduate from club teams to national camps to international comps.
    We need to engage Mr. Shaw at every opportunity to get USSA support and help him understand how a united ski team across all ski disciplines aligns with USSA values, messaging and corporate donor opprortunities. There are stories of grit, determination, and athletic achievement beyond alpine skiing that will resonate with Olympic audiences.
    We need to continue fly girls and similar youth development programs.
    We need coaching, fitness and wellness expertise to flow down from World Cup level to the club level. The club coaches may have the best of intentions, but the development programs must be science based. No over training!
    Friday afternoon school programs in every snow town.
    Again, I’m excited about the future of Nordic skiing!

  3. Good luck ladies. When I was jumping years and years ago, no one ever thought that women would/could jump. Yea for title 9!


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