USA Ski Jumping Equipment Pool

Ski jumping equipment is not available at retail shops.  If you’re involved in the sport, you’ll soon find out that various clubs, coaches, and organizations may pool equipment requests and place orders several times per year.  As we grow the sport in the USA, we’ll probably be able to streamline this process somewhat.

Beginners on small hills can use their alpine equipment, but as skills improve and skiers move to larger hills, they’ll need equipment especially designed for jumping.  Many clubs purchase boots and skis in junior sizes, and have programs where a skier can rent their equipment for a year at nominal cost.  You’ll need to contact your local club to see what they have available.

The 2015 Equipment Order is HERE!

2015 Pricing is shown here.  There will likely be some changes.  The new catalog is ready!   Orders will need to be in by July 1. 2016 USANS EQUIPMENT CATALOG rev 3.  Most prices have gone up.  This is partly because ALL PRICES INCLUDE DELIVERY this year.  In most cases we will try to route them to training camps for pick-up but will use UPS to your door if needed.
Orders need to be emailed to or faxed to 603-298-8404 BY JUNE 30, 2015.  Checks should be made out to SKI JUMPING DEVELOPMENT USA and put in the mail BY JUNE 15 to Jeff Hastings, 114 Lyme Road, Hanover, NH 03755.  Equipment should be delivered by October 1.

Questions can be directed to Jeff Hastings- or phone 603-252-1501.

If you are a charter member of the USA Ski Jumping Team in need of boots, skis and bindings, please download and send us this 2016 USANS EQUIPMENT ORDER FORM rev 3